Monday, 5 August 2013

My dramatic pre-birthday dinner

Today was very very hectic, full of tense, hatred(!), menyampahness and etc. Fafa buat hal gila today, asked me to drive him to the most-horrible-traffic area, Subang Jaya area. Kekonon nak celebrate my birthday but layan dia yang lebih. Sabau jeeeeee nok. So after a little annoying argument aka mengamuk secara perlahan, canceled buka puasa at Pyramid and canceled reservation dekat Tony Romas and canceled cari my birthday gift dekat situ, nasib baik I managed to grab few things from F21, HEPPI SIKIT AH KEN (-.-).

So, a friend of him helped us with the reservation at Black Canyon Coffee at Bukit Tinggi, sampai je I went to surau for Asar sebab nak tenang kan hati yang tengah panas, he went straight to the diner and I habis Magrib around 8 sebab too many people solat that time, received his whatsapp
"Please come upstairs, I ordered your meal already. RANDOMLY ORDERED." 
Lol. Came up, and surprisingly he ordered Salmon Salad and Green Tea Smoothies for me. 
SEDAPNYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Okay, I am not the kind of girl yang like fancy-meals for dinner, sebab lagipun its breaking-fast right so I memang usually buka with veges. Then I makan macam 10years old girl, then he proudly said "So, how? Pandaikan I pilih dinner for you?" (buat muka kerek) Dalam hati rasa nak cakap pandai, tapi luar hati berlakon serious sikit lah, replied "Nasib je ni" AHAHA bye. 

Then he went down for Magrib, I wandered alone. After he took like longer time for Magrib, I whatsapped him my whereabouts and asked him, his whereabouts. He came with a Paperbag of my gift and headed me to Secret Recipe. SO HAPPY TUMMY IS HAPPY AGAIN. I pun belasah lah, ordered my usual and most favourite; Walnut Brownies with IceCream and Orea Milkshake (time order je dah rasa gemok haha) And he asked for a candle and a lighter (sbb tk smoke gitewwww). And I blew the candle that night, like 2 WEEKS before my birthday because he won't be around on that date so yeah. 

Tq so much for the pain you gave me today and before, and tq so much for the happiness that comes from yourself, the kindhearted of you, the patience and good listener xxxxooooo

Annoying man of the day

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