Monday, 12 August 2013

Auntie Anne (me!)

(Me!) means not Auntie Anne the pretzels ye uolls. So today I brought the rascals out to the mall for Toys and Playground! Seronoknya diorang, and went there with Diezzani, good friend of mine. So, bila dah he and I out with the kids, when  we walked in/ entered any store je, everyone was like gave us this weird-stared macam the rascals ni kind of our LOVECHILD. Bukan lah, takkan lah muka akakkkk yang forever nineteen ni dah ada daughter aged 5 and a 4 years old son. So, gitew lah dia today. First time jalan dengan kiddos, sebab never had a baby-sister nor brother kan, so today the kids banyak kali pergi toilet, like banyak kaliiiiiii lah, and they ate a lot and most important thing is, they had fun today :)

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