Sunday, 18 August 2013

Its my birthday

I'm officially 20! So excited, feelin adult already (eh?) hahahaha. But the best thing happened today is, my bestfriends made surprise-garden-theme-celebration at Botani Garden, Putrajaya. 

1. Was getting ready to go out with the girls. Totally had no idea, where they planned to go.
2. Parked at Daniele's diner, got into her car, she gave me rose & daisy but still had no idea where to go.
3. Asked Daniele where were we going, she said Alamanda for movie.
4. OK.
5. Parked, walked to the GSC and us (Shera, Daniele and I) decided to be the lamest ladies on my birthday,     by watching the Pacific Rim (so outdated and lame lame lame) considering the limited time we have.
6. Bought popcorn and snacks.
7. Entered the room. 
8.The movie started - enjoyed - getting immersed - Daniele went out to toilet for like 30mins ( I was curious 
   alr by that long minutes) - Shera whispered this " I feel like we are watching Ultraman movie, so lame" - I 
   laughed hahahaha bye.
9. Finished movie. 
10.Walked to Sushi King - ordered like we were starved-to-death - paid.
11.Wandered around the mall - they entered Kitschen - I went to Tutti Frutti - paid for one large cup 
     yogurt ice cream - full as f! already.
12.Daniele wanted to go to Botani ( which I didn't understand at all ( at first ) why she likes that place so 
13.Before we reached Botani, suddenly Shera who sat at the back-passenger seat covered my eyes with a 
     two layers of cloth. 
14.I was shocked and DAMN.
15.They brought me out of the car - I walked lopsidedly like a blind lady - Shameful moment for me.
16.Zee called - I was mad - Told her "So sad, my own bestfriend didn't wish me on time" - she apologised.
17.We ended the call.
18.They steps, stopped - I heard Zee's voice sang birthday song - Shera take off the eyes-cover - I was 
     sooooooooooooooo touched.
19.Saw a cute hut, decorated cutely with balloons and tags with cakes and foods&few cartons of different 
20.Blew candles - captured the moments - shared stories - laughed out loud - teased each other.
22.Decided to feed the fishes in the lake, the KFC - fed them - the girls and  Din were happy too.
23.Photography session happened non-stop. 
24.Still on photography session.
27.Started to do the cleaning and packing.
28.Walked to car - got birthday gifts (which is actually not necessary because the party was more than what 
     I needed) 
29.Salam-salam before balik.
30.Ingat dah nak balik, BUT PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION LAGI! 
31.Dah penat, baru lah semua sedar diri and nak balik.
32.On the way back home, we reminisced on highschool memories - laughed like crazay.
33.The end.

GIRLS, I am more than happy today. It has been awhile since we had fun time like this since everyone of us studies at different campuses, living apart, packed schedule. Thank you so much for the surprise. It means a lot to me to grow up with you girls, seeing each other passed the teen-years and reaching the adult phase already. To the masterminds, Daniele and Zee I love you both to pieces. I swear, I do xxxxoooo 

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