Monday, 4 June 2012

Sunway Lagoon

Okay best day best day best day!
Gather old friends, bestfriends, and met new friends today.
Well basically the new friends were Afiq & Din (my bestfriends' scandals)  untunglah haha ahaks.
Though at first this plan macam tak berapa nak jadi but thank God jadi juga uols. Today we all just masuk lagoon, keluar lagoon, redeem hadiah lagoon haha, and then bought J.Co's baby donuts for the birthday's people, then had early dinner at Ayam Penyet. Excited to the max lah bila ramai-ramai sit and gather today rasa mcm back to highschool's moment pula. Gave the birthday present to both bestfriends.. Wellllllllll, as i expected usually people will prefer to envy the card from me instead of the present itself, please please I'm not a sweet talker kay haha thats just how I expressed my feelings through alphabet. Like this blog lah :P Its okay no matter what, ups and downs good or bad still I love you both okay girls xxxxx. Thanks for this very memorable day.

So today ends with happy ending (•ˆ⌣ˆ•)