Friday, 1 June 2012

Bestfriends' Days

Its not that my campus' mates not my bestfriends but, I defined bestfriend as person that very close to me and we've been knowing each other for quite long time and we love each other. That's how I defined bestfriends, knowing them for more than 7years are something that unimaginable if one day I lose one of them so so so unimaginable. But why should I busy think about future? I should just enjoy the present and cherish each moment together. For me, my bestfriends are my lovers. They are friends like family.

So basically, we had spent some times together this hols. We've planned like tons of activities and I know it is impossible to get it all done because of the pack working schedule some of us. So far lepak-lepak sekejap dekat mamak tu takyah masuk plan lah because anytime free we all keluar lepak juga.

We went to Broga Hill, Semenyih. Only four of us, Daniele, Zee, Haris and me. Quite excited at first, you know to go hiking with favourite persons kan kalau ada Farid must be extra excited! Hihihi. The journey to the uphill begins with laughter, like for the first 5-10 minutes of walking lah I think. Buttttt.... for the afterwards-minutes, each of us (girls) started complaining and cursing Haris because actually it  was his idea ajak us to come to Broga. Very tiring, I mean like tefaakk man this is so unexpected! The land wasn't properly covered, I mean like very slippery, and the curam lagi I know takda org mati tapi its not impossible to be happened kan, simpang malaikat jelah uols. Daniele siap muntah lagi for several times. But we are proud of  ourselves that we climbed until that high, siapa tak kuat and tk percaya diri sendiri trust me you cannot make it punya.

Very beautiful scenery I can tell. Allah's the Greatest.

Okay the last picture over sangat haha its like YAYYYHAAA!