Friday, 13 September 2013

Before I sleep..

Frank confession from me, (clear throat sat)  well..


Opssy excuse my gediksness, well no actually we all Teslian groups just finished our little staging work. Skit competition ( Skit: short English drama) , which was compulsory for all Tesl classes. So nak or taknak still kena juga join. I yang tak pernah sekali pun berlakon seumur hidup ( I mean I don't have the talent kot) , finally joined the skit and well we were at the forth place. CAN YOU IMAGINE! Its like a very good start for a very new beginner like me. Basically our skit ni dia punya theme this time was Fairytales-Parody. You know Fairytales? All the children's Disney Cartoons yang uols have ever watched, tu tapi kena buat version kelakar. I personally think yang it was a good idea, because kan all the fairytales just now memang serious kelakar. Few stories that being parodied were, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and many more.

My group's was Cinderella.

Story line:
- Step mother and step sister ran chasing the stubborn-head Cinderella (naive Cinderella actually)
-While running, the slave of the step sister ran together at the back followed the master.
-We ran back and forth on stage (for three times), called out CINDERELLA! STOP CINDERELLA! 
-Until then, Cinderella fall and had to obey to the master ( to not go to the ballroom and join Prince party)
-The stepsister called upon the slave, and asked her ( actually the slave is a boy haha nyah version) to attend the party and pretend to be Cinderella.
-And stepsister transformed her into a real-beauty ( not really, the hair was made from yellow tali-rafia, put on masquerade mask and hair band)
-Light was off (all dancers came in)
-Music on, all masked-dancers danced and Prince and Fake Cinderella danced together. (1st song: Royale-ballroom dancing song, 2nd song: Gentleman by PSY, 3rd song: Hindustan song) Well, parody right! THANK GOD the audiences laughed! haha
-The music still on but this time, it was a clubbing-song and the fake Cinderella danced like hella-drunk while the others had stopped dancing, the Prince just watched her gettin' crazayh.
-While (s)he was dancing, the wig fell off from his head.
-The King & Queen came near, and picked up the fallen-wig, the Queen was very mad upon the pretended-Cinderella, the dancers whispered among them.
-Cinderella was surprised "ERR.. MY HAIR, OH NO. OH NO! OH MY GOD! OH NOOOO.. (and ran out)
-The dancers walked out, light was off.
-Light on, the princes was on knee, called up Cinderella's name.
-The Real Cinderella finally came out, kneeling down facing the Prince.
-Held the Prince hands and told that she was the real Cinderella.
-But the Prince ignored her, because he felt like he was fooled.
-The Prince was then left, and take off one of his leather-shoes, and threw it to Cinderella (well cerita sebenar kan Cinderella punya kasut yang tinggal, ni Prince kasut pula yang di buka sendiri hahahahaha)
-Cinderella cried crazily, and light off.

Cinderella : Annathasia Alexander
Fake Cinderella : Ahmad Tirmiezi
Step Sister : ME! HEHE
Step Mother : Nur Syahirah
Prince : Mohammad Fuad
Queen : Ira Emilia
King : Nicholas Anderson
And The Dancers.

(well, maybe the written version doesn't really sound funny but I thanked Him for every part of our skit, audiences laughed and seemed to enjoy it; we all think it was because of the NYAH CINDERELLA hahahaha at least forth place worth the practice-time kan)

And another story yang menarik perhatian I was: Armpunzel (Parodied from Rapunzel)
They have the Rapunzel, but this the Rapunzel was not Prince's favourite because she was so gedik while the Armpunzel was so humble. Well, Rapunzel kan rambut panjang kan, the Rapunzel also they made a long-haired wig, in yellow colour, but different attitude kan. Meanwhile the Armpunzel was with long-armpit hair hahahahahahahahah but because of her nice attitude, the Prince chose her to be the Princess. Hahahaha The end.

Well, every story is actually depend on your creativity to parody it. The winner of this skit comp won because they combined 4 different princesses that the prince had to choose but finally the prince chose to marry the TinkerBell (which was a guy in green cutey-dress with wings at the back) ( and (s)he wasn't in the list of the four princesses) but because he was so cute he was chosen *clapclap! hahaha

Oh, time's up! Time's up! I have another agenda tomorrow need to doze off early. Till then! :D

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