Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Skype hut

When you know the night would be dull without someone you love, then there we go. Its a random activity; actually we planned to play bowling's game on skype but the connection wasnt light enough to let us play and compete tonight but its okay at least we had a little joy.

First call

Not so Tajima

Okay for the second snap he said ' Sayang, no need lah buat muka ayu ' haha damn you, I know that you are kind of jealous Im looking good there because ; see your photo! hahahaha its superfluously blur okay, bye :p
And the time we did skype, I was actually having my supper; Pizza Frenzzzzzzy 

It has mixed up 

P/s : I'm working on my December wish which it is less than few minutes to come. 

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