Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Day 11th

Alhamdulillah, it has already reached day 11th of puasa. Sekejap je lagi nak raya uols, if pergi mall pun terasa macam dah raya semua boutique sale sini sana, Menggo, Roksi, Eseperit, Koten On, Ges, etc.etc. tempat shopping yang uols suka lah. So actually my entry ni got nothing to do with raya pun. 

Our votes ( for which restaurant should we go for iftar) yesterday had been postponed to today because of perkara yang memang impossible untuk di skip kan since attendance will be taken. 

So here we go, today we had iftar at Singapore Chicken Rice only available at Sarawak.  One  of favourite-listed restaurants, because they have the best nasi ayam (ehem I dont eat rice so means not only rice are served) and the price is very affordable. Sekering mana pun pocket uols sure boleh makan punya, one thing for sure NO TAX

Konon-konon macam cermin Pavillion, pun boleh..

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Cathy & Syira (Fatin at the back ter-cut this time)

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